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Give today to feed local families.

Your donation helps provide food to hungry families in Westfield.

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Serving the hungry since 1986.

It's easy to assume that people who visit a food pantry are too lazy to work or just want a handout. The reality is that just over half of Westfield Food Pantry clients are children. Their families are struggling to pay for enough healthy food in addition to high rent, exorbitant childcare, transportation costs, school supplies, utilities, etc. Even with one or both parents working it can be impossible to make ends meet, and these children are at risk of going hungry.

Fifteen percent of our clients are elderly. They spent most of their lifetime working, but social security and retirement funds don't cover all of their basic needs, forcing them to choose between things like prescription medication, heat, and groceries.

The Westfield Food Pantry is the largest provider of food assistance in Westfield, offering help to any Westfield resident in need. We serve an average of 1,200 clients each month, distributing over 175,000 pounds of food a year. In addition, we work to connect our clients with other agencies and services that can help them regain stability and self-sufficiency.

There are many reasons local families aren’t able to obtain enough healthy food. When this happens they turn to the Westfield Food Pantry for assistance. You can help us ensure that each and every child and elder in our community continues to have access to healthy food this month. Will you commit to fighting hunger in Westfield?

“Poverty is a very complicated issue, but feeding a child isn’t.”
~ Jeff Bridges, actor